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Nike Air Max Lunar 90 C3.0 - Damen Schuhe - Grau/Rosa/Weiß ShopNike Air Max 2010 nike Air Shoes Oh strong adventure online again! Score has entered a 40:30 at this time, Scott mckain lead, this time on the Internet would very unwise? Scott mckain drop, hand drop accurately entered the diagonal, is a good! 6:4 easy strong lost off has this a disk competition, this a disk competition is wonderful both are has mutual breaking serve Council, Nike Air Max Lunar 90 although easy strong players opening of State does not is good, even lost two a serve Council, but fourth disk wonderful to performance let he also recovered has a serve Council, then both expand has fierce of duigong war also let this field competition enough to became this session Beaumont Cup of classic competition! "For the game Robbins of too many want to say, such competitions that he has a look at the Masters Cup final feeling! "Kid, play well! Really thank you, I found the real me, HA HA! Hope you has the strength to continue making a great game! "Strong, taking a cross and Scott mckain said in passing. "Yes, I try! Nike Air Max 2010 "Scott mckain has sat up player I Yi Qiang said, although he did not understand the meaning of Yi Qiang, but he felt strong, so that war and Yi Qiang as strong presence on the attack, people want the Lakers even lost the most willing of feeling.

From IV Council began can said full is release has, each took are playing was has attack sexual, full no consider next of tactical how, opponent of property how, but is such of play let he breaking has Scott mckain of once serve Council, and directly to Scott mckain of speed property drag into has 69, more is in next of competition fierce of duigong in the, frequently forced opponent errors, although he also also pay has large of errors, but in opponent still occupy large advantage of situation Xia, easy strong do has attack! Attack! Nike Air Max Damen Then attack! Until the opponent down with ideas! Throughout the time he did not go to see Scott mckain properties, he just struggle to attacking academical, and then attack! Academical again! Internet blocking! Hitting behind! Can say that he used to use, although the first set to lose but Yi Qiang and did not feel depressed, it makes him feel very good, let him miss College Tennis Club at that time and the same level of poor students playing happy feeling! Heartfelt joy is that all! Of course when strong lost the first game of the moment, Yi Qiang or open the properties of the Nike Air Max 247 opponent, he found, while losing a game, but he has been a strategic success. "Players information, name: Scott mckain, special State: excited (finishing strength increases 5%10%) age: 16 aged, history record: 05 Houston Terry Cup hope match youth group runnerup, ATP52 integral: 5 min, yearend occupational ranking: 835 name, usage hand: right hand, property: forces 46 (49) speed 67 (69) reaction 62 (63) physical 57 (43) technology: Nike Air Max 2011 serve 55 (59) back ball 61 (63) backhand 46 (59) hand 68 (70) network Qian 48 (51) presentenced 43 (46), spirit: competition focused 56 (70) antipressure 50 (65) key ball 56 (65) (full value 100 occupational standard 60)" "Players information, name: easy strong, special State: crazy (this field competition spirit system substantially enhanced) age: 23, history record: no, last year ATP52 integral: no, yearend occupational ranking: no, usage hand: right hand, property: forces 66 speed 60 reaction 60 physical 60 (44) technology: serve 67 back ball 66 backhand 66 hand 66 network Qian 66 presentenced 66, spirit: competition focused 60 (80) antipressure 60 (80) key ball 60 (70) (full value 100 occupational standard 60)" "You I long! I don you back! Although some accounts for your cheap, however little guy who told you there is no system? You strength to below 40 and I see what you and I played the third! "Strong looked at changes in the system and there is not much surprise, as if everything he perceived, this character is also one of the stronger hidden character, both evil and domineering, although usually only some little show, but crazy after Yi Qiang character was fully exposed Air Max Shoes!

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